Communicating with clients – Online & In-Person Etiquette

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The emergence of technology and the changes in the NDIS and Home Care systems has meant that the way support professionals are communicating with clients has changed too.

Traditionally, an agency would simply tell you where to go and you didn’t communicate with the client before. Now, clients are able to reach out and message their current workers or potential workers online, to relay any important information or to learn a little bit more about a workers skills. Individuals have the ability to use messaging and chat features to communicate and search for workers. 

Written communication can be a little different to verbal. And now more than ever our first impressions are made online. In a business where there is high trust needed to deliver care and health services it’s important to approach potential and current clients in a professional and empathetic manner.

This article is designed to help you build skills around prospective client communication and be confident with communicating with clients online.

As telehealth continues to be adapted to healthcare and support, many services continue to take place face to face. In using an online platform there is still a non face to face component, even when booking face to face services, and as such it’s important to ensure that all online communications are as clear as possible.

As an independent support professional or small business, selling your services and skills to clients will be an ongoing practice. If you are new to freelancing this can feel a bit intimidating. It is important you invest your time in building relationships as clients want supports on an ongoing basis. 

The way clients find you in tappON is to find your profile and message you to connect and learn more about your skills and availability. (key here is to have an up to date profile – reflecting your current skills –  https://www.tappon.co/blog/optimise-your-profile/

So, what is the best way for me to communicate with potential and current clients?

Below are some tips we’ve learnt from the best on how to set yourself up for success and win clients through tappON.

  1. Be responsive: when a potential client reaches out to you directly, they have a real need NOW. First impressions matter and in an online world clients appreciate responsiveness. tappON’s system will alert you via email as soon as a message hits your tappON inbox, we recommend you regularly check your emails. 
  2. Be prepared: take the time to ask your client what it was about your profile that got their attention. 
  3. Keep your profile current: after taking the time to create your profile on tappON keeping information current is important when it comes to ensuring clients are able to easily find the most relevant services on offer.
  4. Support services are personal for both parties involved, these often develop into an ongoing professional relationship. For some services that will be on an ongoing basis, its great idea to offer your client a meet & greet. Whether virtually or in person, to help learn more about one another and how you will work together.
    • Know the time of meeting, where they are located, and be prepared.
    • If your meet and greet will be done virtually, remember to be on time. The virtual waiting room’s open 15 minutes before the meeting time. So if you want to be prompt and be ready to welcome your client you are able to do so. 
  5. First Impressions: Dress for success. Whether you are meeting clients over video or face to face, its best to professionally and conservatively. When we present ourselves neat, tidy and well kept we make a good impression.
  6. Ask about the role: in line with our finding the right fit philosophy, the right match is when both parties clearly understand what services are required.
  7. Confirm next steps: in working together keeping open lines of communication is important. 
  8. Not all communication will result in winning the current work. Working in a professional manner and being respectful are keys to ensure the relationship is a successful one.
  9. Some clients will re-engage with their previous supports they have reached out to if they have had a positive and polite experience.

If you need more information or to book in a free profile review connect with us at support@tappon.co.

To update your account and put your best foot forward head to https://app.tappon.co/settings.

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