Phones and Tablets For Seniors

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Learning a new system can be difficult and sometimes daunting. This is often the case for our ageing parents who didn’t grow up with technology or the internet. 

However, in today’s society it is almost essential to be able to remotely connect with family members and friends to maintain a social connection or alert someone if there is an issue or concern.

More technology and telecommunications companies are releasing phones, tablets, and smart devices designed with the elderly and ageing in mind. 

Here at tappON we’re all about accessible tech, so we’ve done a roundup to find the most useful and accessible tech tools. 

Mobile Phones –

Low Tech Savvy Mobile – Easyfone Prime A1. 

This phone has simplicity and affordability in mind. It is a simple flip phone with large keys and loud noises. It also has an easy to use charging dock and is compatible with most hearing aids. 

This phone has a simple operating system which makes it easy to use for someone who just wants to make and receive calls. This is a perfect mobile for your loved one to just keep in touch. 

You can purchase it from Amazon for under $200 . 

High Tech Savvy Mobile – iPhone 

Whilst an iPhone might seem too technical for someone who is ageing, they are surprisingly easy and adaptable phones to use. With a wide range of accessibility options, including  text size, sound levels, use with a screen reader and more. 

They also connect in with a huge range of apps and devices, should your family need it. iPhones are great for the ageing Australian who is looking to stay connected across socials or enjoys playing old school card games such as Solitaire. 

Plus, you don’t need to fork out for the latest iPhone, an iPhone 8 or X from Kogan will do just fine. 

Tablets – 

There are a range of tablets you can get your loved one to help them remain connected at home. Most can vary in how difficult they are to use and it depends on what operating system you find they are most comfortable with. We are seeing a great use in tablets since COVID as more ageing individuals need to get creative with how they remain in contact with their family & friends. 

More Expensive – iPad

Again, like the iPhone, this is the more expensive option. It does however have advanced accessibility features and greater integrations with different accessibility and monitoring devices. 

You can pick up a second hand or older generation iPad from Kogan for around $500 AUD

Least Expensive – Samsung Galaxy Tablet

This tablet uses the Samsung operating system and can be a little tracky to get used to but isn’t impossible. It has all the cor functionalities and is still accessible in terms of font size and sound.

A Samsung is also a great choice for someone who had the potential to accidentally drop, damage, or lose the tablet as it is on the cheaper side. They are also generally cheaper to repair too. 

It is on the cheaper end and can be picked up for about $250 AUD


It’s important to know your loved ones limits and capabilities when choosing the right device for them. Staying connected is extremely important but it’s also important to nor overwhelm and stress them. Ensure they can use the device without you around, in case they need to contact you in an emergency.

If you want a demo on how tappON can be adapted for your device, or how we can accomodate bookings for seniors, contact the tappON team today.

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