Different Types of Plan Management within the NDIS

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There are 4 main types of plan management within the NDIS. Plan management refers to the way you manage financial transactions involved in getting supports, or how you manage your funding.

The 4 types of plan management are:

Self Managing –

Self-managing your plan means the NDIS will give you complete control over when and where you use you NDIS funds.

When you are Self Managed you do not have direct access to funds, but there are 2 ways to access your funds. You can either:

a) Pay for the service yourself and submit the receipt to NDIS through PRODA for a refund within 24 – 48 hrs.

b) Submit the invoice to NDIS through through PRODA and they will release the funds into your nominated account for you to pay the invoice.

Being self-managed allows you to choose any provider you wish, whether they are registered with the NDIS or not. This option is for those who would like greater control over who provides their supports and are happy to coordinate it themselves.

You do not need extensive accounting skills to self manage, in fact, when at your plan meeting you can request funds to have a book keeper assist you.

Agency (NDIA) Managed Plan –

This means the NDIA has direct control over your funding and will organise and pay an agency directly. You supports will have to be provided by a registered NDIS provider of your choice. You cannot use an unregistered provider.

With this option it is very ‘hands-off’ approach at the management level. You do choose the provider and what services you want form them but you don’t control any of the financial management and the NDIA will pay your invoices for you.

This option is beneficial for those who aren’t interested in the financial management side of things or simply do not have the time. Lots of participants prefer to have some management over their funds especially if they do not have a great surplus and want to be savvy where they spend.

Plan Management –

Those under plan management have a specific organisation look after the management and payment of your supports. The NDIS will pay your Plan Manager who in turn will pay the support providers they have organised for you.

Plan Managers can also assist you to choose a provider that is suitable for you. If you wish to be plan managed you must say so in your plan review and there are seperate funds allocated to pay Plan Managers.

A combination of the above three options can be used together.


You should have a think about which option suits you best. No matter which option you decide you still have a choice and control over your supports. If you wish to change your plan management you can do this at your yearly plan review. You can find out more about plan review here.

Currently, tappON can only support those who are plan or self-managed. We are currently in the process of becoming a registered NDIS provider so we can support everyone.

If you wish to know more about tappON and what we can assist you with or if tappON can be used with your plan call us on 02 9158 6163.

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