Your self care checklist

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Whether you’re looking for help with your NDIS or aged care package, or delivering aged care and disability support services to clients each day, you’re going to be expending a lot of energy, meaning that self care is really important.

Each Sunday we share a resource, tip or tool designed to help you develop your self care practises. Why? Because unless we look after ourselves and maintain our energy levels, we won’t be able to effectively help someone else. Today’s resource is a self-care checklist.

When we’re on a plane we’re told to fix our oxygen mask before helping someone else. It might seem selfish, however one message we will continue to champion is that self care isn’t selfish.  If our energy levels are only 40%, then we can only give someone else 40%. When we’re at 100% we can give someone else 100%. What would you rather be?

Developing little rituals can help bring our energy back up towards 100%.

Screenshot or download this list and bring a new self care ritual into your daily routine. Receiving support services or have a care plan? Put some of these ideas into your care plan to remind you take a moment for yourself.  If you’re working as a disability support worker, show your clients this self care checklist.

Self-care Check In


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