Social Support during Social Distancing

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Using your NDIS funds for social support during social distancing is a great way to stay connected with your community and work on your social development. 

Now more than ever, participants are having to get creative with how they receive support and how and how they want to engage with to remain connected to their community. 

Provided the service you engage is tied to your goals, and you have available funding, you can engage many different services to connect with a support worker, and work on your social participation. 

 Assistance with Social & Community Participation is a core support and is the most flexible area of your funding. This area of your funding is designed to help individuals with disabilities increase their participation in mainstream community events.

Many individuals are using this current downtime to work on their skill development and furthering their road to independence.

So, what are ways you can utilize your NDIS finding for social support during social distancing? 

Well, firstly you can use virtual sessions (also known as tele-health) to have a support session via video with your Support Professional. This allows you to remain in contact with your support team, get to still catch up and hang out like you used to but from a safe distance. 

You can also choose to just have 1:1 sessions doing something you love with your support worker, such as playing games. The aim is to remain socially active and connected, so one can continue progress. Due to social distancing the NDIA has increased flexibility in funding to allow virtual online social connections. 

Woman on a video conference

What activities can I do online with my Social support professional?

Due to the increased flexibility in funding, you can get creative with ways you receive support and what supports you want to receive. Clients who have made the shift to online services have had many fun and supportive sessions!

Think about what you want, what your current goals are, then think about activities that you can do that matches this. What did you do with your support worker before? Can that be moved online?

Here are some ideas that might help:

  1. Have a virtual picnic! – We know it’s hard being indoors all day, so why not video call with your support professional and have a picnic together in the sun! Whilst we can’t enter the community, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to have an important social connection.
  2. Learn to cook – cooking lessons are a great way to continue to to develop your skills and become a kitchen professional.
  3. Online Skill Development – Don’t let your hard work go to waste! If you have been learning grooming skills, dancing, guitar or whatever your passion was don’t let your hard work go to waste! There are a number of different providers who can help you continue your passion. 

All the hard work you have put into building your confidence and independence in your community does not need to slow down! By being creative and having an honest conversation with your support team you can continue your journey to independence.

If you want to learn how to connect with others virtually, then contact the tappON Support team for a free planning and education session to get started

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