What does a Support Coordinator do? Speaking with Laura Stewart

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Laura Stewart is a Support Coordinator at AusCare Support. Auscare Support is an NDIS registered provider, specialising in Plan Management, Support Coordination and finding the best support staff to assist you in achieving your goals.

Growing up, disability has always been embedded in my life. My father is an incomplete quadriplegic, and suffering from chronic illness myself, I always knew I would pursue a career in the disability sector. Before becoming a Support Coordinator, I worked in plan management whilst studying psychology and thoroughly enjoyed my role.

Laura Stewart – Support Coordinator

After having my daughter, I then worked at an early intervention centre and quickly realised I missed the broader NDIS centred work. I began researching becoming an independent Support Coordinator and found Auscare Support.

It was important to me to work alongside a company that has the same care, values, and ethos that I have, and a leap I am so grateful to have made.

Auscare support has provided me with guidance and training, and I am incredibly lucky to have a working environment that provides me with flexibility and a kind, knowledgeable team.

I have great working relationships with my clients and love being able to help guide them through all that is NDIS as their Support Coordinator. Support coordination is an NDIS funded, capacity building support role designed to help NDIS participants navigate their plans.

As a Support Coordinator, we guide you through finding and engaging supports and providers that best suit you, the participant, whilst ensuring you have choice and control over the process. We assist you in negotiating with providers to maximise your funding scope, and make sure you are achieving the goals you have set out within your plan.

The benefits to having support coordination funded in your plan are incredibly broad. Each and every NDIS plan is individualised, no two people will use their plan exactly the same.

Having a Support Coordinator means you have someone to create a great relationship with, that then can understand you, your life, and your plan – in turn helping you get the most from your funding. You will have access to a person that cares and is loaded with comprehensive knowledge of the NDIS framework – it is like having a friendly, warm, guidance guru!

There is no typical type of support session for support coordination. All individuals have different ways that their supports work and do not work for them.

The typical day to day elements of a Support Coordinator’s role involves finding and connecting therapies and supports, supporting you in the setup of service agreements, and assisting you to budget your funding correctly. Participants can call, text, email or meet face to face with their Support Coordinators to discuss your plan, concerns, and any questions you may have relating to your plan or wellbeing.

The delivery can be very different, dependent upon a client’s preferences. I have some clients who prefer for me to call them once a fortnight to discuss any progress or needs, and some that I speak to almost daily – it is a very person-centred role, and one I look forward to evolving with.

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