Understanding Consent Forms

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Our NDIS series of blogs often hold short actionable or informative topics to help you navigate the NDIS and how you achieve your goals. The key to your NDIS success is setting yourself up for success from day 1. 

The saying it takes a village can also be extended to managing your plan. In your daily life, you might have family or friends help you. They may assist in staying on top of managing your support team and supports that you access to achieve your goals. Some participants use their network of support to help them in understanding and managing their NDIS plan. It can be a little confusing, so we’re here to help you in understanding consent forms.

If someone is helping by either accessing information or helping with certain actions you will need to provide the NDIA consent. To learn more on understanding consent forms:

  • Consent for NDIA to share your information with another person or organisation. This might include a family member discussing your plan with the NDIA to further understand funding access. 
  • Consent for a Third Party to Act on your behalf – if you want someone to act for specific reasons relating to your NDIS plan. This can be constrained to a specific purpose and time duration. 

You can access a link to the mentioned consent forms to submit to the NDIA here – https://www.ndis.gov.au/about-us/policies/access-information/consent-forms

If you need help completing these forms, you can contact our support team for a helpful hand.

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