What’s an NDIS service agreement (and why do I need one)?

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When you’re beginning a new relationship, particularly a work one – it’s important for both parties to know where they stand. This manages expectations for both parties. The NDIA recommends having a clear written and signed service agreement so that both the NDIS participant and the service provider are in agreement.

So, how do I write a service agreement?

The first thing you need to do when drafting your NDIS service agreement is define what supports are being provided.

This means that you’ve got to explicitly define what activities the service provider will be undertaking for you, incorporating considerations such as 

  • Is this in line with your NDIS goals?
  • How will the service be provided (In person, over the phone, tappON virtual session etc)
  • How often will the service be provided?
    • For example, is this a one off consultation to appraise a new piece of equipment? Or is this going to be a recurring service?
  • Where will this service be provided (if applicable)


Once you’ve outlined these expectations, you then need to negotiate the cost of the service with your support professional, covering areas such as

  • The overall cost of each service
    • Including an itemised breakdown if applicable
  • How receipts will be delivered
  • Are there travel costs involved?
  • Does the GST apply?


You will then need to agree to how these costs will be paid to your chosen service provider:

  • Self Managed (by logging into the NDIS myplace portal and claiming these costs yourself)
  • Plan managed (sending your invoices onwards to your plan manager to pay)
  • NDIA Managed (The NDIA allocates funds that you’ve previously agreed to, paid directly to the provider)

As you can see, it’s all pretty straightforward! The guiding principle of any service agreement is that if you’re not sure, ask and then include it in your agreement.

If you’re looking to receive NDIS services, check out tappON. Our team are more than happy to assist with service agreements.

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