Our mission is to bring choice and control back into the hands of those receiving in home supports.

We believe everybody should have a choice over who comes into their home and into their lives.

Trust & Safety

There is nothing more personal than welcoming a stranger into your home to help you. We know this from personal experience, that is why the tappON team personally verify support professionals against a number of measures. Your safety is our priority.

Innovations in technology have opened multiple pathways in the home health sector. Finding care and support in the home has never been easier, from your phone you can input what supports you need and receive a range of support professionals skilled in the area you need help. No longer do you have to open your door to strangers. But what remains is the importance of humanity and relationships that are built on kindness and compassion.

With a family history of 80 years delivering care and support to individuals and their families, tappON has a focus on creating and nurturing new connections between users and support professionals to provide support and encouraging independence in the home.

Trusted Support

tappON support professionals are experienced, friendly, verified and background checked before they ‘tappON’.

Our Support Professionals are experienced and qualified in providing Personal Care, Domestic (cleaning and gardening) and Allied Health. For all services where 1:1 direct care is applied we require our Support Professionals to have either a qualification or proven experience in their chosen field. We encourage you to check with your Support Professional what level of education they have.


tappON is committed to safety for all individuals in our community. We understand that sometimes support professionals feel unsure entering into a strangers’ home for the first time. We want to ensure that everyone feels safe so we personally verify each individual who is receiving supports before we approve them into our community. Our team members speak with every single user and try to get the best understanding of their situation. We also require them to supply a personal reference, just so we know they are credible and suited for tappON.

We've Got You Covered

We know it’s an important relationship between support professionals and the individual and that trust is a key aspect to a successful working relationship. tappON has set strict requirements for who comes onto the platform, ensuring we get to know everyone. 

If something occurs though, we have your back. We’ve partnered with leading insurer Zurich to ensure you’re protected when working together in the home. 

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