tappON Insurance Coverage

Important Notice

Please note this is a summary of the tappON’s third-party liability insurance policy ONLY. Nothing contained herein is general or personal advice. Furthermore, it is declared and agreed that nothing contained in this summary should be understood to be an express or implied condition, term or exclusion which forms part of the Insurer Policy terms and conditions or be relied upon in the event of a Claim. Please contact tappON for access to the Certificate of Currency and/or Insurance Policy Schedule and/or Policy Wording for information as to the specific coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions afforded by the Insurer in the event of an incident, occurrence or Claim. Please also note that each Claim is subject to an Excess payable by the Support Professional – full details of the Policy, its coverage and exclusions including the applicable excess details are available on request by the Support Professional.

What is covered?

  • This policy covers Support Professionals when working on tappON to Third Party Public Liability to the amount of $20M. This covers those registered and working on the tappON platform for their liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage performing activities (not other excluded) during a job on tappON.
  • This policy covers Support Professionals when working on tappON to Advertising Liability to the amount of $20M
  • This policy covers Support Professionals when working on tappON to Errors and Omissions to the amount of $100,000
  • All coverage is subject to the policy’s terms and conditions and there are exclusions that apply.

What is not covered?

  • Any work you conduct outside of the tappON platform
  • Work you book outside of the tappON platform, even with a member who is current using the platform.
  • Any services provided outside the period of coverage
  • Please refer to the list of excluded activities for more information.

Insurance FAQ's

What is tappON Insurance?

tappON Insurance is a third party liability policy that insures support Professionals registered on the tappON Platform for their liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage whilst performing the Insured business activities (not otherwise excluded) during the policy period and within policy terms and conditions.

How does tappON Insurance work for clients booking Support Professionals?

If a Support Professional is liable for injury to, or damage to property of, a client or someone else as a result of performing activities (not otherwise excluded), tappON Insurance can help to cover the liability of the Support Professional.

How does tappON Insurance work for Support Professionals?

Support Professionals are primarily responsible for the work they carry out and may be liable for consequences that result from their Insured business activities when performing a job via the tappON platform. tappON Insurance is intended to cover the liability of the Support Professional to the client or anyone else for injury or damage to property.

Are all tasks covered under tappON Insurance?

Please refer to the excluded activities list.

Do excesses apply and who pays the excess?

All claims made under the insurance and for which the policy responds are subject to an excess that is payable by the Support Professional. Support Professionals are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the applicable excess that applies for any actual or alleged demands for compensation against them.

What happens if the Support Professional gets injured whilst completing the task?

The policy does not cover personal injury to a Support Professional or any subcontractors and should not be considered a replacement for workers compensation, salary protection or other similar types of insurance. The policy also does not cover any damage to property of a Support Professional or a subcontractor.

If you have any questions about this policy or how it will affect you, or to make a claim please contact us.

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