Understanding Home Care Package Fees

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When navigating through the Home Care Packages there are various types of Home Care Package fees that you might encounter. These fees can sometimes come as a surprise and not all organisations are upfront with the charges. 

It’s important to be aware of the types of fees you might be charged when looking to engage with different providers. This allows you to be fully aware of what you might be charged from your Home Care Package Provider. 

Care Management Fees –

These are the fees you will be required to pay to have an assigned Care Manager or Care Coordinator. A Care Manager is someone who advocates for you/your family and assists you in locating services, purchasing items through your package, and maximising your funding. 

When looking at a Home Care Organisations, it’s important to ask if they charge Care Management fees as these have been known to get individuals by surprise, not being aware the organisation is charging them.

Administration fees/Package Management fee –  

These are ongoing Home Care Package fees for the management of your fees. This is the free the provider charges for the management of their business including staff wages, insurance and travel etc. Charged as a percentage of your Home Care Package these fees range from 20% to 50%. Some providers choose to include their Case Management fees in the Administration fee whereas some keep them separate. 

Establishment/Set-up fees –

Some providers charge a fee to get started with their services. This may be to cover the cost of setting up your package, initial care planning, and any admin tasks. However, not all providers charge a set-up fee, so it’s always a great idea to ask when enquiring around with different providers.

Exit Fees –

This is a Home Care Package fee some providers charge if you try to cancel your services with the organisation. It is not common but it can be very costly.

If a provider does choose to charge an exit fee, they must be defined within the contract clearly. Therefore, we highly recommend reading through your contact for fees such as this. It’s important to note that the majority of these fees change depending on the level of package you or your family has. Level One packages are typically on the lower end and Level Four Packages being on the higher end of charges. 

Home Care Package fees can be confusing. Ensure you know what you might be charged.

Not all providers charge fees so it’s important that you request a full breakdown of their fees and ongoing costs. Whilst providers are able to charge fees for their services, your Home Care Package is for care and support services. Here at tappON, we do not charge any setup or ongoing fees, you simply pay for the support you request.

If you need help with your Home Care Package one of our Care Team members can help you navigate and find the best support schedule for you or your families needs. You can get in touch on 02 9158 6163 or contact us today.

If you haven’t got a Home Care Package, you can always contact My Aged Care for further information.

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