Managing multiple clients

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As you begin to work independently, you may find you will work with a wider range of clients who have different needs, schedules, and levels of support. Managing multiple clients can seem like you’re constantly chasing after your tail, confused about what clients need what and where you are supposed to be next.

This is a natural problem to have and as we go as independent workers, there are a few small steps we can take to help manage multiple clients

1. Get a diary or calendar – This one goes without saying. It’s important to know what work you have upcoming. This can be the calendar in your phone, or a physical diary. Tt’s best practice to write in your shifts as soon as you accept them.

It’s also a good practice to check it nightly so you can be aware & prepared for the next day. 

You can buy a cheap diary online to help.

2.  Make a small file on each of your clients. – Nothing too detailed or personal, just with a few notes. This can be on different things you can be aware of to best serve your client. Such as:

  • what kind of activities they enjoy doing
  • small behaviours to make note of
  • How you can interact with them (ie no handshaking, don’t wear perfume)
  • If they mention a small goal they’re trying to achieve so you can best help them 
  • Any contact details or NOK details

3. Schedule out each day in advance – For each upcoming day, try to schedule how long it will take you get in between each client, and what you may need for each session. This helps you best service your clients, be on time, and provide the best support possible.

Managing multiple clients doesn’t have to be stressful or hard, By being organised you can best service all of your clients and be best Support Professional you can be. 

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