Finding the Right Self Managed Package Provider

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Since its inception thousands of Australians have begun choosing to self manage their Home Care Package. This means they have greater control over their funding and have greater flexibility in choosing their service providers.  When you Self Manager you get choice over who you want to work with. However, you still must elect a Package Provider to administer the finances. 

We know a lot about choosing our Service Providers and ensuring they’re the right choice for your individual needs – but what about choosing the right Self Managed Package Provider?

This can be just as important as choosing your Service Provider. (Not sure what the difference is between a Service Provider & a Package Provider? Read here for more).

Here are some fees to look into to ensure you get the most out of your package.
  1. Look into the Administration fees, case management fees, exit fees, and any other hidden fees – 
    Some Package providers vary significantly in their administration fees with some charging 13% and some charging 50%. It’s important to look into the fees and see how that will affect how it will affect funding levels. Moreover, it is is also important to look for any entry or exit fees, should you want to change Package Provider. 

    The great thing about Self Management is the fees are typically lower.
Have you looked into your Self Managed Package Provider?
  1. Accessibility  –  
    Should something go wrong or you want an update on the package,  is the organisation easily accessible? Do they release the information you want in a timely manner? Look for reviews online to get the best idea on how well the company is at communicating.
  1. Transparency –  
    Along with accessibility it’s important to see how transparent the organisation is in regards to fees, your funding, and payments. Do they let you know when they have paid out of the funding? Can you regularly check in on what funding is left? Do they pay service providers on time? It is good to be updated on funding use & levels.

Self Managing a Home Care Package is a great way to have control. You choose who you want to work with and when. Choosing the right Package Provider and having the right knowledge can be significantly beneficial.

tappON works with various Self Managed Package Providers helping you have choice and control over your services. We work with the provider and handle the administration and invoicing. Leaving you more time to focus in choosing the right support for you or your family. 

For more information regarding the management of Home Care Packages you can contact MyAgedCare here.

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