Staying Informed After Facebook’s News Ban

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Staying Informed


So, by now if you’ve been staying informed, you’ll have noticed the impact of Facebook’s recent decision to ban Australian news content from its platform. Unfortunately, this also seemingly includes NDIS / Aged Care News and information, making it harder for service providers and agencies to share relevant developments within the NDIS (including here at tappON!).

So, we’re sharing some of the resources we recommend for staying informed on all things NDIS and Aged Care.

  • NDIS Website
    • It probably goes without saying, but the NDIS website is an excellent source of information. Primarily consisting of access guides, this is the place to go for detailed information.
  • ABC News
    • The Australian Broadcasting Corporation actually have a disability affairs section on their website, meaning that they’re a good spot to find news across the entire disability and aged care sector.
  • Every Australian Counts
    • Every Australian counts is an advocacy group focused on ensuring that people with disability are represented fairly. Famously, the group fought for the introduction of the NDIS. They’re now focused on ensuring that the scheme is delivered properly and fairly.

      Every Australian Counts post a variety of community focused opinion pieces and updates, advocating for people with disability. 
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
    • The NDIS quality and safeguards commission is an official government body tasked with regulating the NDIS and making sure that all services are delivered in a safe, high quality manner. If you ever experience issues with the quality or safety of your NDIS supports, you can complain to them.

As for Home Care Plans, the go-to resource would be AgedCare101. They collate all information on getting home care and the ongoing maintenance of these plans into a simple, easy to understand website. The news section of this website is also worth watching as recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety are discussed and (hopefully) implemented.

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