Transport Funding and the NDIS

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Transport and the NDIS

If you or someone you know has a severe disability, you’ve probably experienced some transport related difficulties. The good news is that it doesn’t always have to be this way. If you have trouble using public transport due to your disability, you’re probably eligible for targeted NDIS funding. 

The amount of NDIS funding allocated also takes any relevant taxi subsidy schemes into account. For example, in New South Wales you can have up to half of your taxi fares subsidised (up to $60). You can learn more about that here.

There are three different tiers of funding, depending on your NDIS goals:

Level 1

If you’re not working, studying or attending day programs, but you’re seeking to increase your community access, the NDIS can provide up to $1606 of funding per year.

Level 2

If you’re studying or working part time (up to 15 hours a week), participating in day programs or other recreational activities, the NDIS will provide up to $2,472 a year.

Level 3

If you’re studying, working, or looking for work for at least 15 hours a week, the ndis will provide up to $3456 for you’re unable to use public transport due to your disability.

If you’re requiring help with transport and already receiving funding, you can use tappON to book your transport supports easily! Learn more about tappON here.

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