What is a Geriatrician?

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A Geriatrician is a doctor who specialises in the health and care of elderly individuals. They are specialised in the treatment and management of different diseases and health problems we begin to experience as we age. Geriatricians are primarily focused on managing the different medical conditions.

Geriatricians work with a range of conditions including;

  • Dementia
  • Alzhermiers
  • Psychogeriatrics

They will do an assessment of the individual and gather all necessary history and information. A Geriatrician will often work closely with an allied health team such as Physiotherapist, psychologist, and podiatrists. This is to ensure the maintenance of one’s health and strength and to also identify areas in one’s environment that can be improved. 

You can engage a Geriatrician when your loved one is diagnosed with a certain condition, or their health is beginning to deteriorate. If you wish to see a Geriatrician, ask your GP for a referral, this way they can pass on medical history and any other important information your health team should know. 

We suggest also checking with the Geriatricians office regarding costs as they can often vary. Part of the cost will covered by Medicare and Private Health Insurance.

You can find a geriatrician near you using Health Direct location service – https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/australian-health-services

If you need help accessing support, or want to know about the range of services you can access as you or a loved one begins to age – you can contact the tappON Team today.

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